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5 Shells Home Foods

5 Shells Home Foods
It is a famous saying "Healthy mind lives in a healthy body" Undoubtedly healthy body can not be expected if the diet one takes doesn't contain nutritious diet. We are proud to state that the food served in our mess is appreciated not only by our students. We serve total vegetarian food which contains the aroma of home made food. A wholesome, well balanced and nutritious food is provided to meet the needs of healthy growing child. The diets include milk at the time of breakfast and snacks, curd, fresh vegetables, fruits etc.

We at 5 Shells Home,Mess has all the equipments that makes cooking a fun in a hygienic atmosphere, Roti Machine is installed this year for a better and quick service. We have our own store where cereals are stored. A team of workers take care of the work under supervision of qualified mess in charges. The day to day menu is prepared by the students only, which is monitored by mess committee. The menu is changed time to time to cater variety and taste as per the requirement of students.

5 Shells Home Foods Menu

5 Shells Break Fast

  • Kachori , Jalebi, Fruit, Bread Butter, Bread Jam,Tea
  • Samosa Imarti Bread Butter,Bread Jam
  • Poha,Khaman,Fruit,Bread Butter,Bread Jam, & Tea
  • Bread Pakoda,Upma,Fruit,Bread Butter,Bread Jam,Tea
  • Bread Sandwitch, Appe/Fried Itli, Fruit,Bread Butter,Bread Jam,Tea
  • Burger,Chila,Fruit,Bread Butter,Bread Jam,Tea
  • Chole ki Tikki,Bhelpuri,Fruit,Bread Butter,Bread Jam,Tea
  • Masala Dosa,Fruit,Bread Butter,Bread Jam,Tea
  • Pizza,Spruod,Fruit,Bread Butter,Bread Jam,Tea,
  • Itli Sambhar,Khofta,Fruit,Bread Butter, Bread Jam,Tea

5 Shells Lunch(12.30-2.30)

  • 2 Sabji, 1 Rasse Dar Sabji, Dal Fry, Veg Rayta, Papad,Aachar,3
  • Veg salad,Rice,Roti/Parata

5 Shells Home Snaks(05.00-6.00)

  • Fruit Juice/Shake, Kachori/Samosa,Sandwitch,Burger,Bread Pakoda
  • Mirch Bada,Petis,Bhelpuri,Sweet Corne,Khaman

5 Shells Home Dinner(08.00-9.30)

  • 2 Sabji, 1 Rasse Dar Sabji, Dal, Papad, Aachar, 3 Veg Salad,
  • Rice, Roti/Parata Special-Dinner Milk

5 Shells Home Special

  • Shahi Panner Grevi,Gulabjamun(2),Veg Salad, Aachar,Papad, Aalu Ka Parata
  • Paneer Tikka, Gajar Ka Halwa ,Veg Salad, Aachar, Rice,Buttern Nan Roti
  • Khadai Paneer,Rasgulla(2),Aalu Parata, Roti
  • Paav Bhaji, Mung Ka Halwa,Mirch Bada,Handi Paneer,Kesar Bati,Burger,Parata
  • Chilli Paneer, Pestry,Fried Rice,Muli Parata, Paneer Bhurji,Jam Roll(2),Kachori,Parata
  • Masala Dosa,Ice Creem,Sweet Corne Masala, Chole Bhature(Kulche),Custard
  • Sizzler, Shree Khand Saras,Chole Tikiya,Chola Paneer,Sohan Papdi, Pyaj Parata
  • Pizza,Custurd, Pasta

5 Shells Home Dal-Sabzi

  • Ankurit Sabji(Chana, Mung, Moth),Aloo,Gobhi,Sev,Tamatar,Bhindi,Arbi,Aloo,Tamatar
  • Gajar, Matar, Besan Ke Gatte,Malai Kofta,Shimla Mirch Tamatar, Patta Gobhi Aloo
  • Special Dam Pyaj, Matar Masala,Bharwa Mirch, Butter Paneer Masala,
  • Bengan, Aloo, Mooli, Palak, Mix Veg,Soya Badi,Aloo Mungodi,Methi,Aloo, Daal,Locky,Locky Ke Kofte,
  • Finger Aloo, Kaddo Mirch, Hare Tamatar Mirch,Kadi Pakodi, Shahi Chole, Sukhi Methi Kishmish
  • Jeera Aloo, Bings & Aloo, Gawar Fali, Bharwa Bengan,Bengan Bharta, Aloo Bharta, Kachre Mirch, Bharwa Bhindi, Chawle Ki Sabji,Aloo Palak,
  • Daal Palak, Daal Fry, Daal Makhni, Daal Chana, Kaali Daal, Masoor Ki Daal, Arhar Ki Daal.

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